2 Weeks Left for Launch... & My Upload Style
Allen T
Allen T
First, is to show you the current progress.

chapter 1:                                 long term:
Draft                    95%              Character Design         92%
Page                    25%              Enviroment Design      35%
Reference Art     50%              3rd Script                      66%

Now, I want to talk about how I will upload my comic pages. (2020 edition)
My comic format is very manga, usually 17~23 page per chapter (inc. chapter covers)
6~9 pages per upload . (split per chapter into 2~3 segments)
Upload time: No date specific. but will upload 1 segment after 10~14 days (at least for the 1st chapter... could change in future)

I don't make this niche comic for popularity, I aim to maintain the quality and hope for book prints in the end. I hope to get financial support from possible fans! My comic's PATREON page will be ready on November! 

Lastly, Here's a WIP photo of chapter 1 (first segment) :)

That's all folks!
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