Chapter 1 is almost done
Allen T
Allen T

23 pages. The very first & quite lengthy chapter. But it's all worth it. I have a solid start. (my planned chapter-pages are 17,19 or 21, so 23 pages is extra long)

I'm sorry this last batch takes more time than it should, and that's to blame on my time management. It seems to me that by giving myself a longer time to finish more pages-- can make me slack off at the beginning. Also backgrounds are referenced but some parts are not even designed yet so it takes a bit more time, i have to be a bit precise about my village. (the whole story took place mostly) It's very different when you only treat it as hobbyist project, you're less cautious about it thus done much faster.

Anyway, I'll be going for a shorter upload amount for chapter 2's schedule. Maybe 3 pages will do for 1st batch.

Now for a little begging time:
I like the idea of getting 'set It & forget It' financial supports. $1/mo is something a supporter can easily do. Also, I'd like to break the $0 situation.😢 You can head down to my early Patreon page here, I have quite a detailed description you can read into.

Or if you're feeling generous for just one time, you can always look for my Ko-fi page. (thanks)

Thanks for reading! The rest of chapter 1 will come out very soon!
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