It's the Season of giving: And about my Patreon, I need YOUR SUPPORT!
Allen T
Allen T
Hello guys!

My main work will always be my webcomic, it's my love, my driving force and give me hope for the future plans.
You know comic creators need monetary support. I have a Ko-Fi account too, but my focus is always on Patreon.

Yes I have supports on my Patreon. However, as for now it doesn't look so good. The amount i have per month ($12/m as i write at this time) is just not enough. Truth is i'm not a breadwinner but I want to help paying some bills or i have to sacrifice time off my work, making my webcomic development difficult.

So... can you help me reach atleast $24/month? That would mean a lot to me & keep my comic going!

I don't offer much in the long run-- as i keep monthy pledge amount within single digit and rewards simple.
I do like that if you can support me like a 'Set it, Forget it' basis, since they can be as low as $1.
For higher tiers, I can still give tier rewards when the feature color-art or a chapter is fully done, and the print merch discounts are always there in the links for you if you want to by my merchs.

Check out my page and see if my offers satisfy you.
There's also lots of posts/arts/photos/blogs which are exclusive to my patrons.


And finally, a shoutout to my current Patreons and also the ones who left. Without your generosity my comic wouldn't last long.
Mick Paulusma
Teddy Catto
Andy Chesterman
Niche Mode

Thanks for reading! (and sorry for the begging)
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