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Allen T

Finally, my 1st MAOR anniversary: Special Episode (picture essay) is complete!

I wrote about the reason i create this series, what extra things i've done for the series for the last 12 months, and also fan-arts showcase, shoutouts, etc.

There's a lot of content so i don't post it here. Click the image to read it on Tapas.

Allen T
Allen T
Since Dec 2019 to early May 2021-- From extra chapters to the current page, MAOR has reached 66 pages!
That's 2/3 of the 100th page milestone, and about 1/10 length of what MAOR is supposed to have. :)

That's all for the little achievement!
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Allen T
(pages from Tapas)
Thanks for reading!!
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Allen T
*this is a longer blog post.

Like many other creators, i create my merchs on a print-on-demand marketplace.
I've bought myself my own merch a while ago, and now I have time to write this, so you may know what to expect when if you get your hands on the items.

Pictures below are comparisons between digital orignals & the merch physical prints from Zazzle.

PIN (BUTTON) - 3" Version

The design you see here is an earlier version, newer one has color shades on the character.

LEFT: digital original                                                            RIGHT: physical print

I'm slightly disapointed on this, but overall is a typical print quality i can still accept. When looking at a distance it's okay, but when zoom in just a bit I can see the print quality: that slight grainy 'noise' effect on flat color base, plus subpar print resolution (even smudges a bit). It looks good at glances, but not in the details.

On the material, It's okay. The front is fine, no scratch no dents. I'm do like the light weight aluminum pinback despite it's such a fingerprint magnet. On a bad note I saw few fingerprints which aren't mine when i first received it. (not thoughtful enough Zazzle staff) 

This version is a 3", a bit too large for my taste. The back protrude a bit because of the slightly taller "neddle holder" . I hope that my recommended 2.25" version ones will stay flush.

POSTCARD - 5" x 7"

The slight redness is expected from printing, so not problem with that. I was surprised that it has very good print quality. Retail book cover quality! (thumbs up)

When design a postcard, Zazzle has fairly nice range of options for me to choose (paper size, paper type, enhanced print or not etc). My example here is I used a slightly thicker 120 lb matt paper: velvet-ly smooth to the touch and feels really premium, but it's not what i wanted. The matt paper has lower color gamut capacity so it may look a bit dull. (My postcard arts are intended not to be too saturated in color, so that's okay)

Now then I changed the paper type to typical 110 lb semi-gloss paper to gave it the original postcard touch & feel, and better color reproduction compared to this print i have.


Overall, I'm very happy with the quality of the postcard, I hope people find this a worthwhile buy (it's also the cheapest). By the way all my postcards has general template on the flipside and is functional as real usable postcards. (though I see them as good collectables) For the pins, it's alright with a slightly darker duller color. It's not so bad, just standard quality.

I haven't bought my sticker yet but i'll wait till my 2nd batch of merchs coming up, then i may give my 2nd inspection.
Interested? You can visit my store here.
(To shown the Maor Merchs, be sure to change **Content Filter** option to 'Moderate' down the bottom right of the webpage.)

Allen T
Allen T
Hi readers & subscribers!
Many of you may not know that I have a side "comic" entry named MAOR: Extras.

It has a inner-series named Extras 101, which gets a bit in-depth into certain worldbuilding aspects.
2 episodes already. Also a pre-launch showcase episode, and finally an extra chapter named 'Fishermen Friends'. (which is also here in my ComicFury site)
It's on Tapastic, just click on the image.

Sorry i don't have those info here in ComicFury :(
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